6 stages to be followed (assign a minimum of 4 months):

1.  15-year-old being and 10 months to join this course(price).
2.  Fill(Perform) the sheet(leaf) of registration(inscription) below and take note of your password.
3.  Call up to our office(desk) to activate your password and have the necessary information for the smooth running of your course(price). 
4.   You are now ready to follow your theory by Internet
5.  Having ended your course(price) with Internet, you have to call up to the office(desk) to plan your course(price) of 5 hours(am) in classroom.
6.  Following the course(price) of 5 hours(am) in classroom, you are now ready to go to cross(spend) your provincial written test.


Informe-toi des modes de paiement.

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