• The company Automobile Education Ltée, offers you the possibility of taking your theoretical class of driving on Internet.
  • Description of the course(price)
    (This course(price) contains 4 parts)
  • Part 1: Internet class

  • A) Driving licence
    Examination - A
    B) Panels of road marking
    Examination - B
    C) Traffic rules
    Examination - C
    D) Division(sharing) of the road
    Examination - D
    E) Security driving(behavior)
    Examination - E
    F) Emergency situation
    Examination - F
    G) Unfavourable conditions
    Examination - G
    H) Braking
    Examination - H
    I) Equipment
    Examination - I
    J) To whom the fault
    Examination - J
  • Part 2: Course in classroom (5 hours of theories)

  • Welcoming words (15 minutes) Registration and
    Revision of the traffic rules (105 minutes)

  • 1.  Traffic rules
    2.  Division(Sharing) of the road
    3.  Security driving(behavior)
    4.  Panels of road marking and traffic lights
    5.  Vehicles of help
    6.  Use of lighthouses
    7.  Limit of speed
    8.  Exceed vehicles, in particular bicycle, and to lead(drive) in 9.  ways of overtaking
    9.  Cross the protected and protected intersections
    10. Park in line and reverse(backtrack)
  • Break (15 minutes)
  • Responsibility of the driver (90 minutes)

  • 1.  Responsibilities of the drivers concerning the school buses
    2.  Drink-driving
    3.  Suspension of the driving licence
    4.  System of points of inaptitude
    5.  Statement(Declaration) of the collisions
    6.  Respect the panels of road markings and the fires(lights) of the traffic(circulation)
    7.  Plan the dangerous situations and to face it
    8.  Put into practice diverse techniques of security driving(behavior)
  • Break (30 minutes)

  • Theoretical examination (45 minutes)
  • Break (15 minutes)

  • Correction of the final examination (15 minutes)
    Period of question and explanation of the course(price) practises(has a practice) (30 minutes)
  • Left 3: Courts(Yards) of driving(behavior) on road

  • 10 hours of driving(behavior) minimum
    With instructor approved by the province of N.-B.
  • Left 4: examination for the driving licence (Ministry)

  • With examiner of the province of N.-B.